2” Plastic Automatic Air Valve

Working Principles
  1.  Evacuation mode: with the flow of water in the system in a way, it fills a large amount of air pipe system. When the water reaches the air discharge valve, the valve’s flatter moves up and prevents the water from coming out of the system and moves the air away from the system.
  2. System pressure balancing mode: after discharging the air in the system, the system balances the difference between the pressure and the atmospheric pressure.
  3. Adjust the Air-Water Balance mode: the air is collected on the piyazometric lines or on the top of the valve even if there is a small amount. This air presses a certain pressure on the water and allows the valve to go down with the flatter. In this position, the Flatter of the valve does not seal completely. It partially adjusts the air-water balance by staying open enough to pass the air