3-Way control valve

It is a manual selector that connects to the common control point with one of the three control points.

Pressure Reducing Pilot (Big))

A 2/2 is a “normally open” valve applied on a spring loaded diaphragm , whose pressure is activated by the main valve at the bottom. This design includes needle valve as an integral component of the pilot body. So it creates a compact, economical control circuit. Wide water passages guarantee free operation without blockage.

Pressure Lowering Pilot

A 2/2 , normally opened , spring-adjustable pilot valve is equipped with SST nozzle for speed and high pressure difference.

Differential Level Pilot

A 2/2 , 3/2 or 4/2 pilot valve operated by ARM assembly , flatter and stabilizer weight. The float remains in place until it reaches a preset high or low level. This product can be installed on the valve or separately.

Plastic Pilot (Pressure Reducing, Fixing & Quick Relief) )

Multi-Purpose, 3-Way Plastic Pilot Valve

29-200 3-way, diaphragm moving, spring pilot valve pressure regulator designed for control of hydraulic valves. The pilot valve serves as a separator between the common port and the other 2 ports. The pilot valve locks or regulates the ventilation pressure and the Chamber of hydraulic valve as a factor in the relationship between an adjusted pressure and the adjusted value. 29-200 pilot valve can be used for the application of a wide range of hydraulic control functions.